Greenpeace is teaming up with the world’s most popular cats, viral Internet stars, to support the big cats, tigers. There’re only 3,000 tigers left in the wild, so the world must do something to protect them. The “Cats Save Tigers” team collaborated with the world’s favourite felines Lil Bub, Princess Monster Truck, Nala Cat and Hamilton the Hipster Cat on the video that raises awareness about the cause in a primitive and old-school but very cute way.

Greenpeace is raising awareness of the “no bees” problem around the globe with a new campaign, “Save the bees.” The environmental non-profit has launched an online destination,, to tell the world that widely-used pesticides actually kill bees and to encourage the audience to send a petition against the use of these harmful pesticides.

Greenpeace UK is calling the global audience to help save the world from a large amount of CO2 emissions. The environmental activist network has teamed up with London-based Man+Hatchet creative agency to launch a new video with a «change the world» idea behind it. The spot encourages people to sign a petition to European politicians asking them to vote in the coming weeks to reduce pollution from new cars.

Greenpeace has launched a new campaign dubbed Save the Reef to raise awareness of the dangers of the coal mining in Australia. The environmental organization, known for its large-scale initiatives aimed to sparkle the debates around non-ethical actions of global and local companies, now starts one of its biggest environmental battles in Australia. For the initiative, the organization has teamed up with the award-winning filmmaker, Daniel Bird, who shot an animated “Coal World” web film dedicated to spreading the word about the issue.