‘It’s not Business, it’s personal’: New comedic film by Greenpeace


Greenpeace Int sets out the ten fundamental principles needed to cut environmental and human rights abuses by corporations in the ‘Justice for People and Planet’ report, which documents the root causes of these abuses — and how to stop them.

Justice for People and Planet calls on governments to impose effective and binding rules on corporate behaviour, to make them accountable for their behaviour toward people and the planet. It shows how, rather than imposing these rules, governments have willingly or unwillingly become enablers of corporate impunity.

The report’s 20 cases expose corporate wrongdoing relating to climate change, deforestation, pollution, violations of Indigenous rights, repression against NGOs and environmental / human rights defenders, tax avoidance, corruption, fraudulent manipulation of the public debate and more.

Greenpeace is supporting the launch with the release of the short, comedy film ‘It’s not Business, it’s personal’, created by Don’t Panic London, which imagines what would happen if a natural person were granted the privileges extended to corporations.