The UK’s leading stationer Ryman Stationery and the ad agency Grey London have commissioned 26 British established designers to create «beautifully sustainable» posters to promote the «world’s most sustainable» font Ryman Eco. It uses 33% less ink than a standard font, so it could save up to 490 million ink cartridges every year if all the printing was done with it.

To bridge the gap between the younger generation and literature classics, PUMA interprets the Nunnery Scene from Shakespeare’s Hamlet with street dance moves. The piece is part of the “Puma Dance Dictionary” project by Grey London and filmmaker Daniel Wolfe, launched in 2013 to prove that the language of moves can render the meaning of traditional words.

The Schwartz brand of condiments has released an awesome surreal ad that sees exotically-coloured herbs and spices bursting out of their bags to the piano score. The ad by Grey London titled “The Sound of Taste” documents an experiment that can be described as “sonic flavourscape.” Inspired by the notion that taste has its own intrinsic melody, Schwartz has demonstrated how this music can be visualized.

Nils Leonard told Popsop about why Grey chooses ‘long’ ideas, not ‘big’ ideas,  why he thinks the award shows have become better, about how social media agency The Social Partners complements Grey’s more ‘traditional’ services, and why advertising will always be about selling something.