Schwartz plays a flavour-packed symphony in a stop-motion ad

The Schwartz brand of condiments has released an awesome surreal ad that sees exotically-coloured herbs and spices bursting out of their bags to the piano score. The ad by Grey London titled “The Sound of Taste” documents an experiment that can be described as “sonic flavourscape.” Inspired by the notion that taste has its own intrinsic melody, Schwartz has demonstrated how this music can be visualized.

For the experiment, they used a few tons of black peppercorns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chili and coriander that beautifully exploded, syncing with an emotional musical piece. To highlight the idea that each spice has its own sound, each of the explosions that blasted in sequence corresponded to an individual piano note or chord.

The 1-minute clip was produced in slow-motion by the team of professionals, including pyrotechnic designers, while the score was written by DJ/producer MJ Cole who managed to “translate the sensation of taste into a musical composition.” The ad is part of the series of vignettes titled “Schwartz Flavour Shots” that explain how to create a perfect flavor-packed sauces for much-loved but complicated recipes.

An ability to see the colour of the sound of taste is a phenomenon called synesthesia. Food-related brands have been elaborating this skill in their latest promotions—this trend has been spotted and described in one of the recent trend-centric reviews on Popsop.