Guinness has unveiled another project to celebrate its legendary black stout. The Irish beer brand has collaborated with Jason Bruges Studio and a team of creative minds to develop a “breathing” pint monument to the iconic drink. The 3.6-meter, 2-ton statue, which is more like a totemic symbol than a pint, has been displayed at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

Guinness has released a new commercial as part of its ongoing “Made of More” campaign, which encourages consumers to reveal their talents, boldness and desire to achieve new heights, doing more to become more. The first ad unveiled during the promotion, which is rolling out in GB and Ireland, is  “Cloud” (it was released back in fall 2012) and the latest one is “Clock”—it aired on January 18 on the digital platform and arrives in cinemas and on TV on January 24.

Guinness is sharing its assets with public in a totally new and stunning way—the brand has opened an interactive exhibition at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, allowing Guinness aficionados to learn more about the brand from the world’s largest high-definition interactive screen and tap into the rich brand experience. The new “Guinness Global” space is located on the fourth floor of the facility.

Following the international release of the ad titled “Paint the Town Black” dedicated to Arthur’s Day, the Guinness brand goes on promoting the black colour in the USA by launching a new promotion across the country. The US market is packed with lager brands, including Miller Lite and Bud Light to name but a few, so introducing Guinness Black Lager, a new light beer brand in this category, a year ago was quite challenging. Still, the brand, which has become famous for its Irish Stout, managed to find the key to success on the market. Today, October 15, Guinness is rolling out a new promotion, in which the light black drink is positioned as a dark and refreshing, two qualities, which usually never meet.

Can the black colour be festive? Of course, if the celebration involves Guinness, the legendary dark beer. The iconic beer brand is getting ready for the one of the biggest dates in its history, Arthur’s Day (September 27), dedicated to the brand’s founder Arthur Guinness. The new global ad, which was created by Saatchi & Saatchi, shows a small village, which is preparing for the celebrations—people are painting everything black.

The Guinness beer brand is encouraging public around the globe to show their love of the Ireland’s national holiday St. Patrick’s Day (which is known and celebrated outside the country as well) and help the brand to set a new Guinness World Record on March 17. It’s not the first time when brands are calling their fans to help them achieve big goals—last year, Oreo gathered most Facebook likes for one post in 24 hours and Lynx ‘hosted’ the most massive simultaneous shower-taking event. Just like the cookies brand, Guinness is also using its digital hubs, the brand’s Facebook page and, to gather the most people possible for ‘The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.’

To spice up the holiday season and remind adult consumers that Christmas is a great time to drink and share Guinness, the popular beer brand launches a festive ‘two colored’ push in the UK. The campaign, which is running under the strapline ‘Celebrate this Christmas with a Guinness’, is built on the idea that this white season the clack colour (which refers to the iconic black pint of Guinness) is a perfect fit for the festive occasion.