Warsaw-based Rip Curl Pro Store of sportive apparel has teamed up with Havas Worldwide Warsaw to enable visually impaired customers to see the color of their latest collection, which is all built around the vibrant shades. As part of the Color is for Everybody effort, the name of the color was printed in the Braille alphabet onto a special tag so that people, who can’t see, could read it with their fingers.

BBDO Toronto and production company Crush have created a controversial spot, “Not-The-Sac Wax,” to raise awareness of testicular cancer. The video featuring grimaces of men as they are getting their genital hair waxed (the process itself is off the screen). The spot has been released as part of the campaign launched by Testicular Cancer Canada to drive more attention to male health.

In fact, words can save lives. Not only the meaning of the words, but the typography as well. Haymarket’s creative director Paul Harpin collaborated with Typespec, a leading UK type consultancy providing type design & custom font services and expertise, to launch the Buy Fonts Save Lives effort. As part of the effort they sell fonts with the proceeds going to Cancer Research UK and MacMillan Cancer Support.

Heart Research UK has offered an alternative way to discard unwanted and disturbing memories about the past relationships. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the organization launched an unconventional auction, #InstaHeartAuction, where people could trade the stuff their «exes» gave them in the times of romance.