H&M collaborated with a legendary contemporary artist Jeff Koons, known for his glossy balloon sculptures, on a new mini art exhibition hosted at the 57,000-square-foot flagship store on Fifth Avenue and 48th Street in New York City. As part of the collaboration, the Swedish brand and the American artist have created a special accessory piece that pays tribute to Koon’s signature artwork, balloon-dog.  

H&M is contributing to the global recycling movement in a new way for the company. On February 21, the fashion retailer officially launched a new worldwide apparel-recycling initiative, which allows consumers to help save natural resources and get a little money in return. Customers can leave bags with used and unwanted clothing from any brand in the special green-and-white “Long live fashion!” containers across all H&M stores worldwide. The garments will then be recycled or reworn, depending on their condition.

H&M continues to commit to a more sustainable fashion future with a new eco-friendly seasonal collection, presented by Vanessa Paradis. In the promotion of the H&M’s Spring/Summer 2013 Conscious collection, which is launching internationally in two months, the French celebrity is wearing very feminine and spring-inspired clothing items in the settings, inspired by a spring garden.