While an ITC support cane capable of measuring pulse and blood pressure that won the first prize of the Fujitsu Design Award 2011 is still a futuristic device that is unlikely to enter mass market in the near future, the latest enhancements to Ford’s Sync technology designed to report health-related information may become reality in a year or two, Ford assures. The automaker is currently in the process of development of mobile gadgets to allow measuring the health metrics that are vital for the drivers diagnosed with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

On May 20, Fujitsu finally announced the names of winners of Fujitsu Design Award 2011: A Life with Future Computing, an international design contest that aims to put IT-technology to work in the aspects of everyday human lives where it has never been employed before.

Out of +1,000 design submissions, the jury of the contest has selected the best of the best. See the winner list below. 

Samsung and Acer are working together with Google and will soon roll out two models of Chromebooks. The first two notebooks running on Google’s Chrome OS will be introduced in the U.S. and six European countries. According to www.gigaom.com, the price for Acer’s Chromebook will start at $349, while two models by Samsung will be available for purchase at the price of $429 (a model equipped with Wi-Fi interface) and $499 for a model featuring 3G connectivity.

YouTube has included about 3,000 new movie titles into its video rental database amid the growing popularity of mobile devices and Internet-connected TVs, Los Angeles Times reports. The newly-added movies were produced by major Hollywood studios. Though no information has been provided on the names of the studios, according to LA reporter, this list may include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros.,Universal Pictures and many more.