How to introduce a cutting-edge automobile technology to a lazy customer? Lazy or busy enough not to be able to attend a test drive? Volkswagen Norway has an answer. This division of the car manufacturing giant has introduced augmented reality to familiarize the prospective customers and all those curious with the technological potential of VW cars.

On March 9, Toyota unveiled its new global vision appealing to both the employees and customers of Toyota Motor Corporation worldwide and outlining the growth strategy for the future.  According to the authors of the vision, it incorporates the lesson learnt by the company and brand during the economic downturn and through a number of product recalls that took place in 2010.

On February 15, Harley Davidson launched a new advertising campaign taglined ‘No Cages’.

After parting with its long-time partner in ad creation Carmichael Lynch agency, the motorbike manufacturer was on the lookout for some really fresh and original ideas for a new campaign, which led them to work with Victors and Spoils, a creative advertising agency that bases its work on crowd-sourcing.