Researchers behind the Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report for Europe 2014 have analyzed 12,000 FMCG product launches across Western Europe and revealed the trend that about 66% of those products never reached the sales volume of 10,000 items, while 76% of those new launches never survived the first year of their marketing lifecycle.

Pernod Ricard has taken the at-home mixology experience to new heights by introducing Project Gutenberg, a digitally connected and beautifully designed library of spirits. For the “internet of alcohol” effort, the company collaborated with the Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG), a tech-focused start-up, which developed a one-of-a-kind collection of book-shaped containers featuring best drinks from Pernod Ricard’s range.

Nike has unveiled groundbreaking changes to its wearable gadget for tracking physical activity, Nike+ FuelBand, as well as re-launched its Nike+ Accelerator program. The updated version of the device, Nike+ FuelBand SE, features an updated software, connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0, along with some new functionality, improved durability and flexibility.

Nike which creates sportswear to enhance people’s athletic power, has unveiled its new design ethos, Nature Amplified. It mirrors the production philosophy that has been guiding the brand for years—putting together body movement, scientific data and athlete insights to create a sportswear for the best training experience.