Global technology company Intel has announced a competition for startups specialising in perceptual computing—the Intel RealSense Technology App Challenge 2014. The developers are expected to created apps that combine immersive human-computer interaction using Intel Real Sense technology with 3D Intel cameras that will soon become available on Windows-based tablets and smartphones.

Dell is releasing the new installment of its marketing campaign dubbed “Learning Meets Doing”. The new piece is focused on two people—a creative man who is all about making concepts, and his assistant who helps realize the ideas. The digital effort is spanning multiple social channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with the main hub being a Tumblr page.

As wearable technology further integrates into fashion, Intel is also tapping into smart clothing &apparel trend with its latest partnership with Barneys New York, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Opening Ceremony. The tech powerhouse is teaming up with these representatives of the fashion world in a series of upcoming strategic collaborations.

Intel and Toshiba team up again for a social film, The Power Inside, which will combine Hollywood talent and fans’ acting power. The six-episode project is about an invasion of aliens called Uricks that get thrown back by brave and young guys with the help of the Ultrabook technology. The project follows Intel/Toshiba’s Emmy-winning film, “The Beauty Inside” (2012) and the first social thriller “Inside” (2011) that also put fans in the heart of the production.

Acer has tapped Megan Fox for its new film promoting the Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook inspired by Intel. The brand decided to leverage the celebrity’s love for dolphins (she once narrated the documentary Na Nai’a: Legends of the Dolphins) and made this passion the theme of the new 1:30 film. In the video, Megan Fox stars as Megan Fox and is changing her life, starting a new study that will allow her to talk with dolphins.

Levi’s is presenting a series of limited-edition T-shirts, designed by Brazilian-born artist and activist Vik Muniz, renowned designers The Campana Brothers, visual artist Mark Bradford, and director Carlos Saldanha. The first of them arranges workshops at the Rio de Janeiro arts and technology school, Spectaculu, where he provides in insight into how visual arts and technology are blending together to deliver stunning results. The new Levi’s tees line titled “Friends of Vik Muniz for Spectaculu” features impressive designs, which are a way more that a tees pattern—they work as real pieces of art and evoke strong emotions in those who can feel other people’s pain and joy, despair and creative mood.

Previous Intel-inspired Ultrabook initiatives included such brisk projects as ‘The Beauty Inside’ and ‘Pop-up theatre’. Now Intel launches a competition called ‘Four Stories’ for those indifferent to cinematograph and traveling as well as to technology. The Ultrabook maker offers people to write a script for a ten-minute short film set in a chic W Hotel, featuring an Ultrabook as a key character in the script.