Tomorrow, August 30, McDonald’s is rolling out six nostalgic TV commercials to celebrate its 40th anniversary in the U.K. market. The company’s long-standing advertising partner Leo Burnett has once again set a course for «things that matter»—capturing either happy or sad moments of our life, with McDonald’s on the background.

P&G’s female hygiene care brand Always is launching a campaign that celebrates the “Like a Girl” phrase, which is traditionally considered quite insulting. These words are usually said to influence a teen girl and make her feel uncomfortable when she behaves in a “childish” way, but should this phrase sound so bad? In fact, a little miss’s stereotype-free and free-style approach is awesome, and doing things «like a girl» is in fact great as this means doing things with strength and confidence.

Special K, the low-fat breakfasts and snacks brand from the Kellogg’s portfolio, is taking on the women’s bad habit of treating themselves aggressively with self-depreciation talks. The brand collaborated with Leo Burnet to launch the campaign dubbed “Shhhhut down fat talk” that explains how damaging self-humiliation can be. The effort includes the “Fast Talk” video and promotion on the brand’s Facebook page and Twitter profile.