Honda launches the H2O water brand

To celebrate its sustainable ethos, Honda Australia has released a line of bottled water sourced from hydrogen emissions. The automaker designed the Honda FCX, the world’s first mass production automobile that uses only compressed hydrogen instead or petrol as its fuel. The emissions of this car are pure H2O, perfect for bottling and drinking.

The company’s Australian office has teamed up with Leo Burnett Melbourne to create an unconventional water brand H2O that collects water not from mountain glaciers and springs but from hydrogen emissions, which actually are drinkable water. The manufacturer claims that it is the first carmaker to release a water brand.

The product was created to demonstrate the super ecological hydrogen fuel technology used in the Honda model. The H2O water brand was launched at Palace Cinemas nationally—the bottles featuring detailed information about the product were placed in drink-holders of cinema seats as free bottles of water. The company could also include fridges at service stations at Honda dealerships as part of the promotion.

“We believe in ‘The Power of Clever Thinking.’ Our work designing cars like the FCX is the embodiment of this ethos. H2O is an engaging way for us to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint to people, instead of simply telling them,” commented Jason Miller, Honda Australia’s general manager communications and customer.