McDonald’s UK tugs at heartstrings in a new effort, focusing on things that “matter to people”

McDonald’s UK is rolling out a new campaign to celebrate its positive impact on both customers and staff. It focuses on things that really matter to people, help them feel better and transform the world around them.

The campaign’s first video is a 60-second TV ad by Leo Burnett London that focuses on the company’s Ronald McDonald House Charities that helps sick kids and their parents—among other things, it builds and runs houses near children’s hospitals across the country. The spot features a little girl and her dad, and tells how important and reassuring a parent’s voice may be for a child—especially when she or he is at hospital. In fact, a voice of a dad or mum can turn any not-home place into home.

This new campaign focusing on the “what matters to people” ethos will also include pieces dedicated to community football initiatives and responsible food sourcing. The effort comes just in line with the plan for a complete 18-month overhaul, announced by the company earlier.

“Here’s to What Matters marks a significant step change—not in what we do, but in how we talk about what we do,” stated Alistair Macrow, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s UK. “Our customers don’t always think about why we do things … like giving out children’s books in Happy Meals or sourcing our ingredients from British and Irish farmers. So we’re going to bring together all these individual actions into a joined-up campaign to help people understand the bigger picture; what McDonald’s is all about and show the difference that we make to people’s lives.”

Recently, McDonald’s released an animated spot to celebrate its 40th anniversary in the UK.