Lipton has tapped American actress Kat Dennings for a series of online ads highlighting the black tea’s recharging power in a light-hearted humorous way. The new ‘Brighten Your Day with Lipton Tea’ spots sync with the brand’s campaign “Drink Positive” launched in the country earlier this year to promote the brand’s iconic black tea to young adults.

Lipton has launched a new positioning in the U.S. under the “Drink Positive” tagline, which revolves around the great qualities of hot black tea, with no references to the tea-coffee competition. In fact, the “Drink Positive” theme has been reflected in the rand’s positioning outside the USA starting 2011—now, the U.S. market is joining other countries.

Can a common drink make a revolution? Lipton Ice Tea believes it can—the tea brand is kicking off the summer ‘Teavolution’ campaign, aimed to reach younger generation of consumers, people aged 18-24, and bring the taste of cold tea to them this hot summer. The new promotion, which will roll across UK cities, Liverpool, Southampton, Swansea and Glasgow, landing in busy locations in these cities froom mid-June through August. The new activation, which is not fronted by the brand’s charming ambassador Hugh Jackman, uses the ‘Surprisingly tasty and refreshing’ strapline on the yellow and orange ‘rebellious’ print with a hand holding a bottle of the drink.

To bolster Lipton’s position as an innovative leader in the premium fresh brewed iced tea market, Moxie TM, the international brand design and development firm, reinvigorated the Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea brand for the food service industry in the USA. The brand platform provides a new visual language and voice that speaks to both consumers and operators, effectively serving as a game changer in the category while also introducing supporting creative for One-Step Prep Zero Calorie Fresh Brewed Sweet Teas.