pi Re-launches Lipton Clear Green Tea in Arabia

The green tea market in Arabia has been buoyant over the past 3 years and growing strongly with Lipton Clear Green as market leaders.

Keen to maintain this leadership within the green tea segment and build on their success to date, Unilever UAE decided to re-launch Lipton Clear Green.

pi were briefed to consider how best to strengthen premium cues, improve the differentiation between variants in the range (Classic, Lemon and Mint) and generally create greater shelf standout.

Photo: Lipton Clear Green Tea re-launched by pi in Arabia

The lightness and activity of the brand essence is now clearly communicated through the creation of a swoosh device, varianted by colour with the key ingredient used to enhance differentiation. This graphic device has a gold edge to convey premium cues. In addition, the Clear Green branding is now stacked to improve legibility at point of sale.

The creative solution for the brand’s re-launch therefore represents a gentle evolution of the Lipton Clear Green design, retaining core brand equities whilst truly bringing to life the feeling of ‘lightness’ and ‘refreshment’ associated with this well loved green tea.