Lipton Iced Tea USA launching a campaign centered around “want–to–do lists”

Lipton Iced Tea is partnering with Hollywood actress Kristen Bell on a series of short humorous videos. The vignettes feature new brand personalities, Carl and Stu, who are Lipton Iced Tea deliverymen. The spots are shot in a lighthearted manner and revolve around the brand’s “Be More Tea” ethos.

Kristen Bell is tapped not as an actress, but as a creative director of the project. This is the first time she is stepping behind the lens, ruling the filming process. Carl and Stu, the two guys enjoy the positive side of our life, inspiring consumers to “break out of autopilot and embrace all of life’s possibilities,” says the press release. The characters encourage people to step outside the boring comfort zone and switch from “have–to–do lists” to “want–to–do lists.”

So far, one video titled “A Princess Ride” is released. Two more episodes from the Carl & Stu Chronicles will arrive this summer—they will appear at a dedicated online page

Along with the episodes, Lipton is rolling out the “Win an Extra SUNday” promotion that will last from May 16 through September 6. The U.S. consumers are invited to visit the site and enter the codes, which are printed under caps of specially–marked Lipton bottled iced teas for a chance to get their tasks completed by Lipton. The winners will earn minutes, “which count toward having Lipton complete a task on their have–to–do list.” The tasks will include researching airfare, mowing the lawn, and many more.

“In the series, Carl and Stu remind us that we need to break out of our routines and embrace positivity and our passions in life,” commented Bell. “I‘m proud I could bring my creative point–of–view and a little sense of humor to this project.”