Brands not only change the way we consume and communicate, but also lead modern science forward, investing millions of dollars into research and innovation in such areas as molecular biology, chemistry, aerodynamics, electrodynamics, and others. This article is a recap of the most far-reaching scientific discoveries made by global and challenger brands in 2014.

Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars Inc., is adding some energy to its product range. The gum manufacturer is launching its new Alert Energy Caffeine Gum brand on the U.S. market as an alternative to such traditional energizing products as coffee, tea or energy drinks. The new product, which is targeted at consumers aged 25 and older, will be carrying warning labels with information on the caffeine component to help them control their daily caffeine intake.

While Starbucks is helping create more jobs across the USA, M&M’S is set to provide more rehabilitate houses to people across the country. The brand has launched a new campaign entitled “America Better With M,” which includes a partnership with Habitat for Humanity International and a series of efforts to encourage the nation to volunteer for the initiative in 2013. In addition the brand will launch a new product to support the project.

Wrigley’s Skittles invites its fans to create a holiday ad on the dedicated page, using all range of filmmaking tools. The brand known for its hilarious and weird “rainbow”-themed spots is offerings its consumers a splendid opportunity to make a DIY spot online and then share it with friends. After touching, sweating, tasting, etc. the rainbow, the brand now encourages its fans to create the rainbow in their own advert.

Which is better, right or left bar of Twix? And don’t say they are identical, there’s an ideology standing behind this rivalry. The Mars Inc. brand is asking its consumers to choose, which side they take, and which bar they will eat first over the other. The brand has unveiled a new spot dubbed ‘Ideologies,’ which tells about the origins of this rivalry and gives consumers a better understanding of the issue.

Brands are gearing up for Super Bowl XLVI, which is slated for February 5 this year, with new hilarious viral commercials. Since the event attracts millions of viewers, brands do their best to amaze and the public with their ads and pay a lot for that (this year, all TVCs for the game sold out at an average price of $3.5 million per thirty-second ad, and this is the highest price in the game’s history) . Usually, the Super Bowl adverts are standalone commercials and do not start new campaigns, but Mars Chocolate’s brand M&M’s wants to use this event to introduce its new candy spokesperson, Ms. Brown, which will certainly appear in upcoming promotions by the brand. This sport event is “the perfect opportunity to launch the biggest news for M&M’s in years,” says Debra A. Sandler, Chief Consumer Officer of Mars Chocolate North America, and adds that the new advert will “kick off a year of activity” featuring the new character.