Born between 1980s and 2000, Millenials were the first so-called digital generation, while their younger siblings Centennials were the first born with smartphone in their palms. Access to technology and information has influenced their behavioral patterns globally. However, technological ‘native-ness’ is not the only trait that differs the two younger consumer age groups, a research by the Futures Company finds.

Stora Enso, a European and global leading provider of sustainable fiber-based packaging solutions, has conducted an interesting research to learn if Millenials (consumers born between 1980 and 2000) value sustainability in packaging, how eco-friendly packaging influences purchasing decisions, and if it helps increase sales for CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies worldwide.

There used to be a belief in the marketing circles, that millenials (consumer group aged 18-34 years old) don’t care much about personal finance and are rather unclear on their investment goals. Moreover, according to the recently unveiled Millennial Disruption Index, 33% of millenials don’t think that consumer banks, as we know them, will survive in the future.