Cadbury continues to add new valuable elements to its Cadbury Bicycle Project, launched by the confectionary brand in 2009 to give kids in deprived regions a better access to schools. The brand has designed and created a custom generator for bikes that will help turn all rides to school into electricity that can be used to charge a removable light to literally lighten up the life of a kid after school.

Oreo is launching the Snack Hacks series, inviting its global fan community to explore new ways of consuming the legendary sandwich cookie. As part of this project, the confectionary brand collaborates with recognized culinary geniuses who help leverage the potential of a much-loved cookie to invent truly simple and unexpected food creations, moving far beyond the “twist, lick and dunk” ritual.

Oreo believes that sharing its creme-filled sandwich cookies might change the world for better. In the new lovely cartoonish campaign “Wonderfilled” by The Martin Agency, the best-selling U.S. cookie brand is wondering what would happen if one gave an Oreo to some most blood-thirsty creatures. It claimes that the cookie might reveal the bright side in them, inspiring these beasts to help others, not to kill them.

Mondelēz International is using the power of fresh talents and innovative ideas in the mobile area to boost the popularity of its much-loved confectionery brands. As part of its ongoing Mobile Futures program, the company is launching seven mobile pilots, developed earlier in collaborative duos of nine U.S. start-ups and the company’s brands, in order to drive consumer engagement on mobile platforms. The match-ups were created and activated in early 2013 during the first 90-day phase of the Mobile Futures program, which now enters the second 90-day incubating phase. The company is set to introduce two more new pilots in May.

Kraft discovers the sexy side of cooking in the new “Let’s Get Zesty” campaign launched for the Kraft Italian Dressings range in the U.S. The promotion by BEING Los Angeles is fronted by a hot guy, the Zesty Guy (apparently, a cousin of Old Spice Guy), who unleashes his macho charisma while cooking simple dishes like salad or pizza. The product itself seems to play a supporting role in the humorous promotion, serving as a tool to help the hot cooking guy show more of his prefect body.

Oreo sparks fight in its new “Cookie vs. Creme” campaign, which launched during Super Bowl in the USA yesterday. The brand, which in 2012 celebrated its 100th anniversary with a large-scale program that supported its status of “the world’s favourite cookie” through a series of rather controversial prints and initiatives, starts a new year with the two-month program, designed to divide the U.S. consumers into two camps, inviting them to decide, which part of Oreo they would like to take, the Cookie or the Creme.

Kraft Foods Inc. announced plans to change its corporate name to Mondelēz International, Inc. “Mondelēz” (pronounced mohn-dah-LEEZ’) is a newly coined word that evokes the idea of “delicious world.” “Monde” derives from the Latin word for “world,” and “delēz” is a fanciful expression of “delicious.” In addition, “International” captures the global nature of the business.