Cadbury Bicycle Project introduces new bike generators that give light back at night

Cadbury continues to add new valuable elements to its Cadbury Bicycle Project, launched by the confectionary brand in 2009 to give kids in deprived regions a better access to schools. The brand has designed and created a custom generator for bikes that will help turn all rides to school into electricity that can be used to charge a removable light to literally lighten up the life of a kid after school.

The project comes as a response to the problem of electricity in the areas of rural Ghana. With the new piece, the kids there will be able to preserve the energy they spend during cycling to school for continuing studies at home after dark. The energy collected during the ride can be spend on charging a phone or an flashlight.

To test the piece, Cadbury took 12 prototypes for field testing in distant regions of Ghana. Technically, the generator was all successful, but it still needs some tweaks to be made to drive its design to perfection. At the moment, the pieces are being tested, and the team hopes to “distribute these super-charged bikes to even more kids.”

Plus, the brand invites people from Canada to create a virtual bike on the dedicated page. For every 100 virtual bike parts generated, Mondelēz Canada will donate one real bike for delivery to Ghana, Africa. There will be up to 4000 bikes.