Oreo is exploring the culinary potential of the cookies in the Snack Hacks series

Oreo is launching the Snack Hacks series, inviting its global fan community to explore new ways of consuming the legendary sandwich cookie. As part of this project, the confectionary brand collaborates with recognized culinary geniuses who help leverage the potential of a much-loved cookie to invent truly simple and unexpected food creations, moving far beyond the “twist, lick and dunk” ritual.

The brand has collaborated with such food stars as Michael Voltaggio of Ink, Roy Choi of the Kogi and Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen, who have developed their own original combinations of Oreo. Their experiments, driven by innovation and passion towards food, are appearing on the dedicated YouTube channel starting April 8.

In the episodes, Michael Voltaggio transforms the cookies into tortillas, salsa and shandy, Roy Choi mixes Oreos with protein to create chicken tenders, and Nguyen Tran hacked the cookies to make bread pudding, mixing Oreos with diet cherry soda, pound cake and salted peanuts.

“There will always be the classic way to enjoy OREO, but finding new ways to experiment with the cookie can be deliciously unexpected and fun,” said Kristin Hajinlian, Brand Manager, Oreo at Mondelez International, Inc. “Snack Hacks combines the cleverness of hacking with the creativity that is happening in food culture. We hope it will inspire others to create with Oreo.”

The brand is also encouraging people to join the movement and get inspired with other ideas on the OREO.tumblr.com page, and also submit their own ideas on consuming Oreo cookies in a new and original way.