Big and shiny smile can sell a product, no doubt. Especially, when it comes to oral care brands. One of the giants on this market, Colgate, is launching a new packaging for its tooth brush and toothpaste line featuring faces of members of boy band One Direction, in the US next month. The launch of the new packaging coincides with the release of 1D’s album in November.

Fall is time to start choosing items for your spring wardrobe and accessories range, so the iconic watch brand Swatch and accessory designer Fred Butler teamed up to create a new collection of striking limited edition watch. The result of the collaborative effort embodies the spring spirit and the brand’s stylistic approach—the new kaleidoscopic watch has a hexangular shape and its colour palette if full of vibrant neon shades, so the accessory looks like a rainbow.

Electrolux has released a range of small kitchen appliances to celebrate vibrant colours. Psychologists confirm that colour influences on people’s mood, still traditional palette of kitchen appliances goes in boring shades of white, grey or even black. Electrolux has committed to change it by the release of the limited-edition Go Colour! range, which includes a coffee maker, toaster, water kettle, hand mixer, blender and stick mixer.

As cold days are approaching, warm knitted wool items seem to be among the most desired accessories for the upcoming chilly season. Knowing that the best knitted pieces are the ones made by yourself or your close friends and family, MINI has teamed up with lifestyle knitting label Wool and the Gang to release sets named the “MINI & Wool and the Gang” the LULA HOOP scarf kit for passionate knitters. With this move, the auto brand pays tribute to this DIY trend (quite contemporary in fact thanks to guerilla urban knitting), plus allows its fans to put the warms of their hands into the self-made scarf.

Skype, which enables people communicate with each other without any borders, has also made a lot to foster spreading of the best education practices across the globe. In 2010, the VoIP giant teamed up with the Peace One Day organization dedicated to promoting non-violence in all its forms to create the Global Education Resource for teachers. Now, the company is calling global community to contribute to the project via the Skype for Peace crowd-funding campaign.All funds raised through this initiative will be used to get the Peace One Day Global Education Resource in the hands of more teachers around the world,” says the brand in its blogpost.