Jeans, which were once considered a work wear for labourers, have now transcended into an everyday piece of wardrobe and have become a great canvas for a range of designers. Now, jeans can highlight the best in your body and even help hide some shape defects thanks to cutting-edge technologies. In 2010, Levi’s introduced its Curve ID system, which offered shapes based on a women’s shape, not size, and this year Benetton reveals its own contribution to the family of shape-fitting jeans. The Italian clothing brand unveiled the Benetton Pin Up Denim line, in which two techniques were used, one for lifting and the other for shaping a woman’s body.

adidas has kicked off the Little Performers program, which is scientifically aimed  to footwear specifically for infants. adidas has invited a renowned international expert in infant footwear Prof. Dr. Markus Walther, Medical Director of the Centre for Foot and Ankle Surgery at Schön Klinik, München-Harlaching and FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence to contribute to the program. 

Pepsi has revealed two new Pepsi NEXT flavours inspired by summer, which will be available this season only. The new additions to the portfolio of the low-cal drink with real cola taste and 60 percent less sugar, Pepsi NEXT Cherry Vanilla and Pepsi NEXT Paradise Mango, were presented by actor William Levy, who was named the sexiest man of 2011 by People en Español, who is a longtime fan of cola and summer. The flavours are true representation of the most adventurous season of the year—Paradise Mango has a tropical twist, while Cherry Vanilla is a mix of traditional tastes served in a new chick way.