PepsiCo has launched a billboard campaign that features the human circulatory system imagery to highlight the positive impact of sodas on a human body. The red and blue colours of the veins and vessels make up the traditional colour scheme of the Pepsi brand, and this fact became the inspiration behind the “Iconic Refreshment” promotion, developed by BBDO Proximity Düsseldorf.

SoBe, a Pepsico-owned brand, matches the multi-level tastes of its drinks with the impressive technique of creating three-dimensional paintings in its new campaign “SoBe 3D Worlds of Flavor” in the U.S. cities. The soft drinks brand collaborates with celebrated 3D street artist, Tracy Lee Stum, tapped to paint interactive 3D landscapes of the exotic destinations where SoBe drink ingredients come from. Each of the installations will be dedicated to one of the flavor, Yumberry Pomegranate, Blood Orange Mango, Strawberry Kiwi and Pacific Coconut, and various parts of the world.

Diet Pepsi celebrates Valentine’s Day with a new U.S. ad, titled “Come On,” created by TBWA/Chiat/Day and starring Sofia Vergara. In the spot the actress is sitting in a café and seems to be flirting with a handsome guy at the next table—as it turns out, she is snapping her eyes not at him, but at a can of Diet Coke, which is behind the guy. The humorous ad, which was launched ahead of the holiday, is a new spot in the series of ads within the “Love Every Sip” campaign, announced in late 2012.

Mountain Dew is launching a new product, Kickstart, reported to «give a nice portion of energy in the morning». The new carbonated drink, which combines the proper amount of caffeine and five percent of real juice, is a rival of traditional energizers, a morning cup of coffee and a glass of juice. It comes in two varieties, Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch—each of only 80-calories per 16 oz. can,—for consumers to choose the flavor which fits their breakfast best. The new product targets male millennials, and this demographic is reflected in the promotion efforts.