The article is written by Greg Taylor, Director of Brand Provocation at Elmwood, London

It’s that time of year again here in the UK. Our TV screens are being hit with a blizzard of yuletide advertising. The retailers in particular vie for bragging rights as to who has the best ‘Christmas campaign’. This time around, Waitrose and John Lewis particularly struck me. For international readers, Waitrose is the chain of supermarkets of the John Lewis Partnership, which also has a chain of department stores called, you guessed it, ‘John Lewis’. 

Recycling has inspired a range of apparel brands, including Levi’s, H&M, Nike and PUMA to name but a few, which launched a plethora of dedicated projects around the globe, creating new items from old things and encouraging people to participate. PUMA, which created Clever Little Bag and Re-Suede shoe, has recently launched another recycling project, the campaign dubbed PUMA Bring Me Back Program, inviting people to donate their old clothing and footwear to a good cause—contributing to a healthier environment—instead of sending it to the landfill.