Tapping into the “collaborative consumption” trend, the e-commerce furniture store Made.com in the UK has encouraged current and potential customers of the platform to reach out to each other in physical space and share experience. The site prompts shoppers to meet those who have already purchased furniture from the site to see how they integrated the pieces into their interiors.

LinkedIn’s Relationships @Work study provides valuable insights into the relationships between employees, and shows that good connections with co-workers can make people happier. The survey reveals that 46% of professionals worldwide think that “work friends are important to their overall happiness” because it generates positive atmosphere.

Cadbury Australia has teamed up with Red Agency to introduce a new take on how to harness social media data. On June 19-24, the chocolate company installed the special kiosk, Joy Generator, at different venues across Sydney that encouraged passers-by to log in their Facebook profiles and get a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate product that perfectly matched with their personality.

Dell has released a mockumentary that describes its “recently opened” center for selfie-improvement. While many criticize the selfie phenomenon, Dell decided to seize the movement and build a whole campaign on it. The effort is rolling out on the brand’s corporate tumblr page that is full of micro content that revolves around past and present of selfies.