Cadbury Dairy Milk matches chocolate with your Facebook personality

Cadbury Australia has teamed up with Red Agency to introduce a new take on how to harness social media data. On June 19-24, the chocolate company installed the special kiosk, Joy Generator, at different venues across Sydney that encouraged passers-by to log in their Facebook profiles and get a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate product that perfectly matched with their personality.

The special vending machine powered with a new Flavour Matcher app analyzed person’s Facebook data and activity and then selected the flavor that suited one’s psychological profile. The best-matching chocolate was given away to the experiment participants for free, right on the spot.

To select the best chocolate product, the system focused on the user’s likes and interests across a range of categories such as brands, charities, TV-shows, music, and many more. Consumers who participated in the activation confessed that the match was quite accurate—they really preferred the version of chocolate the app selected for them.

The effort is part of a broader campaign to celebrate various Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours, launched back in April 2014.

“The Joy Generator vending machine and Flavour Matcher app are exciting world-first technology that links flavour to common likes and interests that people have on their Facebook profiles. This is a unique social experiment designed to spread more joy across the nation and provides a new take on the Cadbury conversation around flavor,” commented Rachel White, principal at Red Agency.