LinkedIn is rolling out its global campaign, The Picture Yourself, that focuses on success and personal stories of four people who reached big on their professional path. The initiative goes from direct relation to career goals to plans and aspirations, asking the audience “What’s your dream?” As part of this campaign, a local effort in the UK was launched, marking the first-ever LinkedIn’s brand campaign on the market. 

To celebrate the power and success of LGBT athletes in international sports competitions, YouTube is launching a new effort that features a range of sport celebrities who have declared they are gays or lesbians. The idea of the 2-minute video, the centerpiece of the effort, is to show that everyone has the right to be what he or she is and play the sport he or she really loves.

The Philadelphia cheese brand is rolling a new campaign in Australia, leveraging the nation’s love to selfies and adding cooking twist to it. The new effort, called #FridgeShelfies, comes as part of a broader Philly’s Do Your Thing campaign that inspires people to create versatile, off-beat meals from ingredients found in their kitchens. The new initiative gets people posting the ingredients in the fridge to instantly get original recipes based on them.

Instagram is teaming up with The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (June 15-24) for a new effort that is supposed to celebrate the vibe of the world. The photo-sharing service is inspiring people across the globe to contribute to the project for a chance to get their pictures featured at La Galerie d’Instagram in Cannes.

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup, Peugeot is rolling out a 100-day initiative to pursue the sustainable goals in Brazil, the host country of this year’s tournament. The Kick It To Brazil campaign, launched on March 6, follows the journey of a football as it rolls across 30 countries during these three months. The ball, which is travelling with the help of bicycles, planes and Peugeot vehicles, “communicates” with locals who can even kiss it.