Following its emotional “Likes don’t save lives” campaign, UNICEF Sweden continues communicating the message of how important monetary support is. The new effort “The Good Guys Christmas” launched just in the middle of the gift season, features three iconic good-doers Jesus, Mother Teresa and Gandhi as well as a guy who was honoured to join the Christmas dinner with the greatest philanthropist of all times by just clicking a UNICEF banner and buying medications for kids online.

Following the “Likes don’t buy lives” effort, UNICEF Sweden has launched another sentimental campaign, “Escape ends here,” that aims to generate support for refugee children. The charitable organization communicated the message through an unconventional outdoor effort that involved projection mapping. Last week, residents of Stockholm could spot ghostly silhouettes of children all around the city—these eery, mystic figures were symbolizing refugee kids who have to face all the challenges of urban jungle, which becomes their home as they arrive, escaping from the native lands.

Stockholm Art Week encourages anyone in the capital of Sweden to become an artist and join the powerful art movement using digital technologies. During the event (February 11—17), an iPhone app is launched—the application created by M&C Saatchi Stockholm and developed by Sparkling Zoo, which can be downloaded here, enables you to paint with your feet in the digital space and see the result in the real life.

When kids are engaged into a creative project, it can result in something really stunning. LEGO’s brand Duplo has commissioned little kids, whose creativity doesn’t know any borders, to develop the shop windows for the department store NK in Stockholm to. In the new project, conceived by Jung von Matt, Stockholm, the young designers will use their unconventional style and fresh approach, making something unusual, which is still kept under wraps—the brand is inviting its consumers to try and guess what this will be.