KLM helps its customers get the maximum of their travels. The airline company is inviting travelers to use the newly launched service, “KLM must see map,” to crowdcourse an actual high-quality printed city map, which includes tips from your friends in social media. The online service has been launched as the major pillar of the campaign under the same name, devised and developed by Dutch agency Code d’Azur.

Martini is launching a new advertising effort this season to celebrate its “Luck Is an Attitude” philosophy. The new spot by the Fred & Farid (Paris-Shanghai) agency was revealed on the brand’s YouTube page yesterday, November 14—the black-and-white 30-second clip stars Barbara Gonzalez alongside Yuri Buzzi, who enter an upscale party by stealth. Their names are not on the list, but they do want to be inside, so they just grab two boxes of Martini Sparkling Wine and carry them into the club, just like they are people who work there.

MINI, which is known for reshaping consumer experience in the most extravagant ways remaining loyal to its nature, has made another experiment to drive ultimate fun. The brand turned the MINI Brand Store, where it sells its cars and the branded merchandise to Club MINI Amsterdam for two days during the 5-day Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). For the initiative, the brand collaborated with Spotify to host performances of famous international DJ’s such as DJ Chuckie, Gregor Salto and The Flexican.

Bacardi is mixing of one its best flavours, Japanese culture and tattoo aesthetics all together. The rum brand is relaunching Bacardi Dragonberry with a campaign, which pays homage to one of the most prominent characters in the Japanese art, a dragon, with a modern twist through tattooing. The brand tapped Japanese Tattoo Master Horitaka to create a unique dragon tattoo design, ‘the mark of a master,’ which could be won by a lucky Bacardi fan.

Volkswagen has launched one of the greatest Olympic-themed projects this summer—the auto brand, which recently created Fanwagen based on Facebook likes, unveiled a totally unique and hilarious car powered by sport fan screams. The manufacturer launched the Up! Holland Up! project,which  encouraged the Netherlands teams fans to win tickets to the London event by screaming out loud in a weird car 100-meter cheer race, in which the Volkswagen car were running on noise the fans create inside the vehicle.