To support its eco-friendly 100% electric Leaf car model, Nissan has rolled out an original project. The automaker gave ten Leafs to Battersea-based Climate Cars drivers to offer London and Amsterdam citizens a chip—each mile in a Nissan Leaf costs only 1.75p in electricity consumed—taxi service over a weekend. Nissan Leaf is six times cheaper to drive as taxi service and has zero-emission.

The airline company KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is promoting its services on the international market with a recently launched initiative under a friendly ‘Be My Guest’ tagline. The new campaign, developed by Tribal DDB and DDB Amsterdam, uses an undying trend, which has been used in recent marketing efforts by Burger King and adidas to name but a few—it features famous people from various industries. Since KLM is a Dutch company, the new promotional activity features six celebrities originating from the Netherlands—DJ Armin van Buuren, fashion supermodel Yfke Sturm, football legend Ruud Gullit, Hollywood actor Jeroen Krabbé, astronaut Wubbo Ockels, and designer Hella Jongerius, who can ‘be reached’ by the airline guests in the virtual chat.

Nivea, the iconic cosmetics brand, which turned 100 last year, is launching new limited-edition packs designed by a fashion designer and leading brand and packaging design agency Bulletproof. The new ‘Nicola de Main’ packaging for Nivea Soft will arrive in stores across UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and The Netherlands in mid-May. The light-hearted and colourful design, which features springs birds, adds to the feeling of the season, sunny cheerfulness and warmth and echoes with the brand’s attitude of making life beautiful.   

Some automobile brands work hard developing new groundbreaking concepts and presenting innovative models, and some brands look back into the past and source inspiration from its rich heritage to appeal to more consumers. Volkswagen has launched a new campaign entitled VW Fanwagen in the Netherlands, blending a modern social media twist with a retro vibe. The new promotion, developed by Dutch agency Achtung, has been launched on Facebook—the brand is offering its fans an opportunity to built ‘the most social car ever’ and promises to give it to one lucky participant.

Brand development agency Anthem Worldwide, part of Schawk, Inc., have undertaken a major brand refresh for Unilever’s Russian dressings brand, Calvé, which encompasses four sub ranges: mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressings and sauces. Anthem’s Dutch (Hilversum, NL) and UK offices have worked closely with Unilever to develop the positioning, identity, brand guidelines and packaging for the brand, which also informs Calvé’s communications strategy going forward.