LG Launches TurboWash Sweepstakes in the U.S. and Experiments with 3D Facebook Newsfeed in the Netherlands

LG USA marks the launch of its new mega-capacity washing machine TurboWash that saves 20 minutes per load with the ‘Less Mess. More Life’ sweepstakes on Facebook

Photo: TurboWash sweepstakes on LG USA Facebook page

To take part in the sweepstakes which runs from August 1—31, consumers should vote on the messiest household pictures for a chance to win prizes, including $100 gift cards. Facebook fans can win the LG TurboWashwasher and matching dryer, valued at more than $3,000.

The sweepstakes web site will also feature a ‘time-saving laundry calculator’ to illustrate the 20 minute time savings per load that consumers can earn by using LG’s new TurboWash technology.  Meanwhile, in Australia, LG Home Appliances category products are being promoted by a new brand ambassador Georgie Parker.

LG also revolutionizes the 3D industry with a new creation of the LG 3D Studio 3D Facebook Newsfeed app, which allows users to experience the three dimensional Facebook. The app can be viewed on a normal screen but is designed to be watched on an LG Cinema 3D TV screen.

Developed by Amsterdam-based creative agency Perfect Fools, LG 3D Studio has experimented with all elements of Facebook’s newsfeed to create the 3D app, says Campaign Live. The Studio is accessible at a dedicated website and the app is promoted in a video that can be seen below. LG expects feedback and ideas for further LG 3D Studio projects. In June, the company established the Smart TV Alliance to developers create new apps for smart TV sets.

Michael Aneto, head of strategic planning at Perfect Fools, said: «We chose Facebook for the first experiment to make a statement with something universal, loved and fun. The point of the experiments is to stimulate conversation and imagination so eventually when the target audience think of 3D, they think LG.»