Keeping up to current trends is essential for companies, which strive to be relevant to the fast-pace world and meet ever-changing consumer demands. In this piece, which is an abridged version of ANTHEM SIGHTINGS, Vol. 2, 2011,  the most notable trends of today are covered—some of them root in old approaches, and some seem to be completely new, but all of them are shaping modern marketing efforts and influencing our perception of brands. The author of the paper, Kathy Oneto, Vice President, Brand Strategy in the San Francisco office of Anthem Worldwide, made a list of ten current trends and their examples from all around the globe, demonstrating the processes redefining the marketing industry right at the moment.

You are welcome to share your thoughts on this article written by Greg Taylor, Director of Brand Provocation at Elmwood, London

These are dark, dark times. It seems right now that not a week goes by without some form of man-made or natural disaster hitting the headlines . . . from New Zealand to Japan to Libya: earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear fallout and revolution. From London to Paris to Tokyo to Athens: crippling deficits, rising unemployment, increasing taxes and growing inflation.

By Cheryl Swanson, Principal at Toniq LLC

With a new decade upon us, we thought this would be a great time to consider what socio-cultural shifts and resulting trends resonating today will gain strength moving forward. For CPG, HBA, any industry really, it is important to know what ideas will gain traction and what trends will fade away. Here, we have listed our favorite trends that we believe will continue to foster, from consumers to design.