Toniq Trends: Summer 2011

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We hope everyone is enjoying the summer! Here’s a look at some summer trends from the Toniq team.

Health & Beauty: SWEATPROOF

We all know global warming is not just hoax, this planet is getting hotter by the nanosecond and we can feel it. With summer in full swing, we have noticed that everything is now sweat-proof! From sunscreen to mascara, you can get hot, steamy and sweaty while looking good and staying protected.

Here’s a few Toniq faves:

Stila, Lash Visor Mascara— 100% waterproof, sweat-proof and melt-proof
Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hour Foundation— Sweat, heat and humidity proof for up to 25 hours
Coppertone Sport SPF— Very sweat resistant


photo: Flickr member SuperFantastic

Gastronomy, the art and science of good eating, has taken on a new process. It seems like you can’t just sit down and eat a meal these days. Part of the new pre-consumption ritual is to set the scene, fork gently laid on the side of the dish, dewy cocktail close to the main plate, zoom in and take a picture, preferably a high quality digital, of what has just been served. Then you MUST post it to every social network you belong to for your friends and fans to salivate or be in sheer shock at what you are about to ingest. As of July 13, 2011, the Flickr group, Food Porn had 458,592 photos and the group I Ate This had 420,873 photos (by the way, members are limited to 50 pics a month to the group so do the math, that’s a whole lot of people eating a whole lot of food!).

Here are a few sites worth drooling over:
Fashion: EYE CANDY

photo: Spitfire, Style Daxx photo: Oakley Limited Ed Jupiter Camo Frogskins

What is the summer without some cool shades? Aviators and Wayfarers are so last summer. This month we are seeing a lot of color and edgy shapes, from futuristic cat-eyes to edgy modern all in bright colors. Even for the guys, we are seeing spots of color on the shades.

Here’s a couple to check out:
Girls: Spitfire Daxx
Guys: Oakley Limited Edition Jupiter Camo Frogskins


Photo: Hotelito Desconocido Resort

To unplug, sometimes you have to run away into the jungle, literally. No laptops, no iPads, no cell phones, no wires. The only connections here are between you and nature. To help you get over the initial panic, take a deep breath of fresh, un-digitized air.  There are a few resorts around the world that offering just this – unplugged vacations. Here are a few resorts that will help you unplug in style:

Hotelito Desconocido Resort in Mexico’s Playon de Mismaloya Nature Reserve
The resort is comprised of 30 bungalows built on stilts on a 40-mile stretch of beach within one of Mexico’s largest turtle reserves.

Three Camel Lodge, The Gobi Mongolia
The Lodge’s twenty Deluxe Gers, traditional felt tents, include a private bathroom with a toilet and sink, a king size bed and amenities such as felt slippers, Mongolian-styled bathrobes and locally produced toiletries and camel milk moisturizing lotions.

Mille Etoiles, France
This beautiful encampment houses 14 luxury-tents in a forest set above the Ardeche river gorge in the Rhone Alpes region of France. The luxury tents are made of oak and covered in natural canvas, and come with their own private deck and hammock. Showers are communal, and a shared kitchen and on-site restaurant are available.

Technology: GAME ON!

It’s the middle of summer, what are you doing with all that tech? You should be relaxing by the pool, playing on the beach or spending quality time with friends and family. You just can’t give it up huh? Well, at least do something fun while wired. Here’s a few ongoing faves from the Toniq team.

Cheryl: Bookworm
Craig: Crosswords & Bookworm
Kyla: Wii Ping Pong
Erica: Angry Birds
Ami: Plants vs Zombies
Emily: Osmos
Carol: Words with Friends

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