Wella Professinals Has Identified Four Hair Trends 2012

Wella Professionals’ Global Creative Directors, Eugene Souleiman (Care & Styling) and Josh Wood (Color) teamed up again, as they do it every year, to identify four emerging hair trends.

Photo: Blaze hair trend

After making a deep research using fifteen of the leading independent trend forecasting experts and agencies, Wella Professionals pointed out four main 2012 trends—Grace, Blaze, Celeste and Roxy.

The four individual female characters represent four individual fashion styles. Wella Professionals has created the 2012 portfolio of looks that was revealed in New York City to an audience of over 2,000 international top stylists and influencers from Asia, Europe, Russia and the USA.

So, here are the styles in detail.

—Grace is a Modern Muse, glamorous and elegant. The look is inspired by nature, “although there is nothing natural about this look,” says the press release. The color palette of the look is soft and light, emphasizing healthy, shiny hair.

—Blaze is a Femme Fatale. High gloss hair and passionate colors like black, grey and fuchsia attract attention with overt sensuality a dramatic notes of this look. When adapting Blaze trend into a hair look, Eugene Souleiman reveals, «I wanted the style to feel like a ’30s felt cloche hat or be reminiscent of a burlesque dancer from the ’20s. The whole trend is about the girl feeling like an entertainer.»

—Celeste is a Free Spirit. The look demonstrates an ethereal, pure persona. It has a translucent and jewel-toned palette that shines creating a futuristic sense.

Photo: Celeste hair trend

—Roxy is a Scene Stealer. It is a reminiscent of the ’70s club culture and a centerpiece of every party. The hairstyle is full of size, shape, texture and color adding cool rather than warm red shades.

During the presentation of looks, Wella Professionals has provided the stage for the most creative hairdressers around the world to perform with the brand’s International Trend Vision Competition.

Earlier this year, Pearlfisher created a new brand identity for Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Colour, Josh Wood.