Samsung is taking its charitable initiatives to a new level by releasing four films narrating stories of two physically challenged kids, whose life was significantly improved thanks to the company’s donation. The support was provided to them as part of the “Dream and Hope to Youth” initiative, launched in China to provide more youth education and medical volunteering opportunities in the region.

To drive its philanthropic campaign “Chime for Change” to the new heights, Gucci is rolling out a new fragrance-centric effort that aims to attract new donations. Part of proceeds from selling five designated iconic Gucci fragrances will be used to fund the program set to improve social lives, careers and health of women and girls in deprived regions across the world.

The Alliance for Cancer Research, APREC, has tapped global pop star and breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue to front a new campaign that puts a song up for auction for a good cause. As part of the “One Note Against Cancer” effort by Publicis Conseil, the non-profit is selling each note from the single, “Crystallize,” composed by Kylie Minogue just for the occasion.

Depaul UK, the youth homelessness organization, is collaborating with five graffiti artists—Ben Slow, David Shillnglaw, Best Ever, Josh Jeavons, and Jim McElvany—to narrate real stories of people living in the streets. The stories are depicted on murals, canvases that perfectly fit the theme, and on more traditional paper medium in a limited-edition collection. The Street Stories art project comes as part of the campaign titled “Don’t Let Their Stories End on The Streets” developed by Publicis for the charity.

L’Oréal’s Dermablend Professional corrective foundation brand goes from the 2011’s shocking video featuring Zombie Boy to new emotional spots in its new “Camo Confessions” campaign. The effort aims to raise awareness of the skin flaw problems and help people feel less tense talking about severe dermal imperfections they’re hiding under a thick layer of concealers.

The TOMS company, known for its one-for-one philanthropy business model, extends the range of products that benefit both a direct consumer and a person in some poorer region. Along with shoes an glasses, now TOMS sells “goodwill” coffee through its new TOMS Roasting Co. Each bag of this coffee brings one week of water—140 liters—to a person who lives in deprived communities where safe drinkable water is a precious product.