Following the launch of the”green” low-calorie soda Coca-Cola Life in the UK last week, the company is introducing another new product for health-conscious British consumers—a bottled vaporised water brand glacéau smartwater. The launch is supported with a “multi-million pound” marketing campaign (figures are not disclosed) and features a 45-year-old American actress Jennifer Aniston as the ‘face’ and the brand’s spokesperson in the UK.

Over the past few years the proliferation of digital technology has fundamentally changed the way the British public buy many products and services. The shape of the British high street has altered radically with the disappearance of travel agents, insurance brokers and a whole raft of retailers. With 94% of UK households connected to broadband and 49% of households with mobile internet connectivity (Ofcom, August 2013) this transition to digital is unlikely to abate.