10 Consumer Trends in the U.S. to Watch in 2011: Released by UpShot

Chicago-based marketing agency UpShot has recently released the comprehensive report on the hottest 10 consumer trends in the U.S. in 2011.

In fact, there are 11 trends, not 10, which appear to be the logical evolutions of the 2010 trends researched by The Source, the Market Intelligence team at Upshot last year. To measure how stronf the trend is, the agency experts assign scores from 1 to 100 through the so called SourceRank system.

So, here are the trends themselves, ranked from the highest to lowest.

  • Sized Right (SourceRank 82): Consumers are making a big deal about smaller solutions, and it’s influencing ideas about everything from convenience to curation to consumption.
  • Game On! (SourceRank 85): Brands are discovering the significant motivational power of gaming mechanisms, and consumers are happily playing along.
  • Driven by Data (SourceRank 81): The future of show-not-tell marketing is using clever, compellingly-curated data to enable new experiences, solutions, and opportunities.
  • Find Your Place (SourceRank 63): Real-time location data provides a world of new opportunities for brands to delight consumers with enticing occasion-based marketing.
  • Demographic Divergence (SourceRank 86): Growing gaps between demographic groups will require inclusive strategic ideas, implemented with laser-targeted precision.
  • Future Fear (SourceRank 85): As Americans begin to temper their eternal optimism about the future, marketers must be there to offer reassurance.
  • Cause with Effect (SourceRank 69): With a possible “cause bubble” threatening the legitimacy of cause marketing, it’s time for brands to make a more significant impact.
  • War on Whiners (SourceRank 71): Now that consumers have found their voices, self-assured brands will learn when to react, when to ignore, and when to respond with their own two cents.
  • Life in the OOC (SourceRank 80): Online-Offline Convergence – a.k.a. The OOC – is no longer on the horizon; we’re living in it.
  • Primitive Simplicity (SourceRank 56): What was once a vague preference for simplicity has now (d)evolved, with consumers increasingly believing that our sophisticated society creates more problems than solutions.
  • Brand Patronage (SourceRank 55): As creative industries collapse, more artists will turn to marketers for innovative, mutually beneficial promotional partnerships.

You can learn the full report here.