How nostalgia managed to conquer the confectionery market

In this fast-moving world, each of us wanted to bring back the most sturdy and memorable moments in his life. This amazingly powerful feeling can prevail in all areas of our daily life. The advertising industry is no exception. In the past few years, a variety of sweet brands have turned to the theme of nostalgia and pleasant memories. Confectionery manufacturers have one unique advantage. They have the opportunity to reach a new young consumer and create their image anew and on the other hand, maintain their recognition with older generations. Over the past few years, several sweet companies have addressed the topic of nostalgia in different ways.


Back to basics

Just this year American producers of DUM DUM lollipops presented a specific advertising campaign that targeted nostalgia feeling. For nearly 90 years company produce these historical American sweets. In 2019 the producers entered the advertising market for the first time in 30 years. On the video, you can see the change of generations, but the same love for candy. The creators didn’t specifically add a lot of colors and details to preserve the sense oа past. The producers wanted to underline that despite the time DUM DUM remains a traditional dessert for American youth. According to Evan Brock (director of marketing at Spangler Candy): «the goal of the effort is to deliver a pop of positivity to kids of all ages.»


An old story in new decorations.

Working with nostalgia and memories doesn’t come down to copying old plots. Today, companies rethink traditional stories in a new way. Skittles proved this idea in a new Halloween advertising. Skittles again describes a famous fairy tale. According to the plot, the evil witch managed to lure the young man into her house by promising a lifetime supply of Skittles candy. However, following the plot, the viewers see a completely different development of the story. The evil witch asks the hero to leave her house because he annoys her. All this happens against the background of the hero being in a pot of boiling water. The modernized image of the witch is also noteworthy. The witch is wearing modern sneakers and the whole story is taking place in an ordinary kitchen.


Hear the product

Product history does not end in the picture and visual image. A sweet brand can be associated with famous musicians. A few years ago, «Imagine Chocolate» makers decided to link their confectionery with the most well know music compositions. For the song «American Pie» (song by Donald McLean) the manufacturer released a specialized type of chocolate. In a new chocolate bar, you could find milk chocolate, peanut butter, nuts, strawberry jam, and granola. Each famous song was united by genre and under different types of chocolate.


Technological nostalgia

The Hershey Company is trying to unite love for its product. The sweet producer reacted to the popularity of messengers on our lives and the way parents and children communicate. 25 different emojis appeared on Hershey chocolate bars. According to manufactures, such a solution will help to connect the product of all ages. The emojis themselves were chosen to appeal to both adults and children. The company successfully combines its famous brand with new technologies in our daily life.