Apple, Aston Martin and Nike voted the top three coolest brands in the U.K.

CoolBrands, an annual initiative to indentify and celebrate the UK’s coolest brands, has revealed this year’s top 20 list. Despite negative expert comments on the future of the Apple brand, the company again, for the third consecutive year, wins the cool title as well as love and appreciation of both regular consumers and celebrity influencers.

Other leading technology brands, such as Google, YouTube, Netflix or Sony still remain on the list, while Instagram has made its debut and Twitter has fallen out of the top 20 ranking for the first time in three years.

Luxury is still considered «cool» in Britain, according to the survey, as 40% of the list is represented by such prestigious brands, as Aston Martin, Chanel, Dom Pérignon, Liberty, Selfridges, Ray-Ban, Alexandr McQueen, and Stella McCartney.

The survey polled nearly 2,000 adults in the UK as well as about 37 celebrity influencers, such as the models Sophie Dahl and Jodie Kidd, fashion designer Julien Macdonald, musicians Ella Eyre, Labrinth, Laura Mvula and Reverend and The Makers, as well as digital entrepreneur & founder of SB.TV, Jamal Edwards, and others.

CoolBrands Council chairman Stephen Cheliotis, commented to The Guardian on the results of the 2014 survey:

”The idea that CoolBrands is about fads and short-term reputational success is ripped-apart by the solid performance and dominance of regular Top 20 brands, such as Aston Martin, Chanel and Nike. If anything, this year’s CoolBrands rankings illustrate that a solid reputation is hard to undermine or, in the case of rivals, overcome.

“That said it was refreshing to see unique and original brands such as Instagram and Netflix join the Top 20. Both have had an impact on the market, shaking up the status quo and forcing rivals to up the ante. Apple, however, continues to dominate the listing and remains untouchable for now.”

The 2014/15 CoolBrands top 20 is:

Aston Martin
Dom Pérignon
Bang & Olufsen
Alexander McQueen
Virgin Atlantic
Stella McCartney