Resource, the specialized event for the so-called circular economy professionals, is announcing a new initiative for UK start ups as well as established small and medium B2B businesses offering sustainable technologies, processes and platforms — the ‘Launch Pad’.

Fairtrade Foundation, the UK-based charity and the flagship organization setting the standards of fair and equal labour across the developing world, is celebrating its 20th year and launching a new website. Vibrant and bold colour scheme is supported with the confident core message — ‘unlocking the power of the many’ — which sets the tone and direction of how the site looks and works. 

How to shape the direction of creative thinking and get the desired result for a company? The right brief can do so, Adrian Goldthorpe, Managing Director of the London office of Lothar Böhm Associates, argues. In this interview to Popsop, Adrian tells about the difference between the Basic and Magic briefs.

In April, Stuart Chapman, the Associate Director of the design research agency The Big Picture, spoke at the inaugural Popsop Practicum event in Moscow about the role of research, specific methodologies and how design research is different from all other types of research. Back then, we made this interview with Stuart for the Russian journal Now we publish it in English here.