Coca-Cola intends to position low-calorie soft drinks as a key fashion accessory, which is why the brand has partnered with Yahoo! and has created a new digital channel entitled ‘Style it Light’. The current marketing endeavour is designed to promote Coca-Cola Light and Diet Coke as part of the larger campaign ‘Love it Light’ and was launched on May 31 across Coca-Cola’s North Western Europe and Nordics region.

Nestlé is working closely with retailers in a number of countries on studying the customer behaviour in store as well as after the purchase is made to be able to better serve the customer and improve the overall purchasing experience. For this purpose, the brand has built a number of Virtual Shopping Centers that serve as a base for shopper behaviour research conducted with help of cutting-edge digital technology. 

Though the assembly of the International Space Station was declared complete last week, austronauts living on board the space shuttle Endeavor still have a challenging work to do. According to MSN News, 30 unassembled LEGO toy models have been delivered to the station during the shuttle’s docked stay. Those are the parts of the space shuttle and custom-made replica of the International Space Station (ISS). Which means, now that the real job on assembling the ISS is done, it’s time to play and repeat the same using LEGO models.

Nestlé has rolled out a fully automated milk dispenser for babies that allows preparing milk out of coffeestyle capsule by mixing its contents with water at optimal pressure and temperature. This innovative solution for moms who cannot breastfeed or are looking for a supplement to breastfeeding is already available in Switzerland for the price of about $284. Capsules for the BabyNess system are sold at a price which is twice higher than the one of the regular powdered milk for babies. 

The most rapidly growing social network in the world has outgrown itself and eyes for other expansion opportunities out there. In this tough world of disagreement, where you go to YouTube for videos and visit iTunes to download some music, Facebook is looking into expanding its role and establishing itself as a premier destination for music, TV programs and media—all in one place. Which is quite realistic, given the size of its network.

Benetton has announced the birth of an online community of bloggers dedicated to communicating the very essence of the brand to the target audience. A new blog, or superblog, to be more precise, has been launched at showcasing the latest and most interesting topics related to technology, fashion, culture and life of young people around the world. However, Benetton has its own point of view on each of these areas and perceives fashion as something born in the streets, inspired by everyday life and embracing colors of the world; and technology as a tool that is capable of bringing people closer and improving the way we communicate.