Most social networks help people to close themselves: typical photos, common trends, minimum words. The same happens in digital marketing: effective promotion, an endless number of likes and nobody can even recall what product it was for. But even digital part of Universe has an absolute harmony and the role of savior from this sand castle system plays YouTube.

Tetra Pak, an international food packaging and processing company, together with Global Footprint Network, a sustainability-focused nonprofit, have conducted an online survey of 1,040 U.S. consumers and around the same number of CPG professionals to find out what they know about natural resources scarcity and how they act on that.

The latest Mintel research conducted among the U.S. consumers reveals that over a half of them (51%) consider organic product labeling is just an excuse for manufacturers to charge more; only 35-39% consider that products with organic labeling are actually organic. Just 40% recognize that organic foods are highly regulated, while 38% of the respondents are sure that «organic products» is just a marketing trick and it has no real value.