Nestlé’s milk drink brand Nido is launching an app that motivates kids to adopt simple daily routines like brushing teeth. The application dubbed StimuLearn, launched earlier this summer, is full of features that allow a kid to interact with the app on his or her own and also engages parents into the learning activities.

Advanced technology allows beer-lovers to watch a movie using a Grolsch beer bottle. This bottle has a special embedded device, which accepts radio signals and transmits them from the Bluetooth beacon under the bottle top directly to the device a person wants to watch the movie on. The online cinema is available at

Dell is releasing the new installment of its marketing campaign dubbed “Learning Meets Doing”. The new piece is focused on two people—a creative man who is all about making concepts, and his assistant who helps realize the ideas. The digital effort is spanning multiple social channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with the main hub being a Tumblr page.

As part of its Art, Copy & Code program, designed to offer a fresh take on advertising, Google is partnering with Nike to re-think its traditional AdWords platform with a soccer in mind. Together, they developed a customized user-friendly mobile ad system that reacted to what was being shown on TV during real-time games.

Google has harnessed its map pins power to create an awesome trivia game online. The game called “Smarty Pins” asks users to indicate the places on the world’s map that correspond with the question in the card. Players start with 1,000 miles (or 1,609 km, if they are based outside the USA), and with each incorrect answer the number of miles decreases by the distance between the correct location and the wrong place the player has pinned.

A team of business giants—Unilever, John Lewis and the UK’s largest mobile and Internet provider EE to name a few—have launched a competition that calls creative tech minds to submit their «Internet of Things» (IoT) ideas. The £1m Launchpad competition is launched in partnership with Tech City UK, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and Cambridge Wireless, and is open to early-stage UK startups.

Apple, Samsung and Microsoft have got one more serious player on the highly competitive U.S. market of smartphones—Amazon. The first online retailer’s phone called Fire «puts everything you love about Amazon in the palm of your hand—instant access to Amazon’s vast content ecosystem and exclusive features,» as Jeff Bezos, company’s CEO says.