Crowd project of the week: Vertical Veg

Investing today is in a zone of prolonged turbulence. The scheme «If I have money, I can do what I want» finally endures maybe not instant, but irreversible crash. In contrast to this crowdfunding is gaining attitude with its priceless advantages: the opportunity to interact with the audience and its involvement in the project at the launch stage, as well as a transparent mechanism for selecting what is really needed for someone and what is another false alarm for humanity. We and our new column «Crowd project of the week» will gladly support crowdfunding on its way to a cloudless sky.

Note: Under the heading «Crowd project of the week» we do not set ourselves the goal of assessing the profitability and other economic indicators of start-ups. Projects are selected for a variety of reasons, having a primary relation to journalism — from an originality of the author’s thinking to a desire to talk about a local problem to a wide audience.

The first hero of the column — George Suleiman from Cambridge, United Kingdom, and his project Vertical Veg, the individual initiative dedicated to vertical farming.

We’ve mastered high-density living, why not high-density farming? Let’s grow organic food.

Overview: At a young age I realised that something was wrong. In 1900, the global population was 1.6 billion, compared to the global population in 2000 which was 6 billion. In October 2017, we hit 7.6 billion. Our agricultural practices have barely changed in the times of those landmarks. The population is rising dramatically, and while that is not inherently problematic, if we are to continue to a predicted 9.8 billion by 2050, we need new methods of agriculture. That’s where I come in.

The goal: The business intends to set up and manage a vertical farming network that spans the United Kingdom, and in the future beyond.

Conventional agriculture is inherently damaging to our health and the health of our planet, vertical agriculture seeks to lift that burden while providing great tasting and fresh food. The money will be used as maturing capital for the company’s setup and is designed to demonstrate support for the idea when we seek investors in the near future.

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