Happy New Life: Campus EcoChallenge and other eco-initiatives

Photo credit: pinterest.com
Photo credit: pinterest.com

January is the most pleasant time to start life from scratch and become better. One of the trends, which is especially relevant in the coming year — eco-challenges, joint and individual.

The main example of the first category of ecological initiatives is Campus EcoChallenge project, which has been held since 2010 among various social categories: students, colleagues, friends. Participants are grouped together and choose different tasks for execution, for which they get points. Anyone can join the contest from anywhere in the world. Even at first sight insignificant actions, such as turning off water while cleaning teeth or using a reusable water bottle, can have a huge impact on maintaining the health of Earth — this is most important meaning of the project.

All challenges are divided into 9 categories, each of which presents examples of daily activities of participants:

As an illustration of individual activity for the benefit of ecosphere, here are the examples of European bloggers:

1. Verena Erin, blog – My Green Closet


Erin grew up in Canada and lives in Germany. Among many other purposes, Erin declares her intentions to stop throwing clothes, washing things only in cold water, driving less, using only products that are not tested on animals.

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2. Kristen Leo, vlog about ethical living, fashion and veganism


Kristen from Greece is an adherent of veganism and encourages others to abandon animal products, maintain ethical clothing brands and reduce the use of plastic.

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3. Gittemary, blog about zero waste lifestyle


Eco-blogger from Denmark set a goal to completely abandon dairy products, use natural materials and support local initiatives during travel.

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