Dance Upgrade Generation Z

The hypercognitive generation of young people born after 1995 creates trends in all areas that have access to numbers. In the art of dance, it would seem, everything has already been tested and demonstrated: the interaction of man with the machine, and installations that challenge emotions. But generation Z proves to us that everything is still ahead.


Social network for dancers

Dance info portal RenRico launched a social network of dancers of the same name. This is not just an opportunity to promote for young people, but also direct earnings to performers in the form of superlice, supported by monetization. The program offers a local binding of the nomination to the first lines in the search system for the names of dances, which increases the chances of increasing awareness.


For dancers and artists who are trying to notice and make a name for themselves. We hear you. For dancers trying to make a living with their passion. We hear you. Do you think you beat someone’s call the strongest and you want the world to know? We hear you. For those who simply dance and create art because they love it and put their heart into it. We hear you, — so RenRico draws up its invitation to join the network.



Animated dance and 550 thousand views in 3 days

Dance and painstaking work on the development of movements or a clear line drawing and digital technology. This animated dancer breaks viral dance records. 9 hours it took to create 200 frames.


Denial of snobbery opens subscribers hearts

Liddlenique is a video creator with an audience of 1.7 million Instagram users. Evidence of real life as a scenery gives a feeling of comfort: it becomes a friend, not becoming a teacher, and gains 300-700 thousand views for each video.


Interactive dance 

The Two Bit Circus beta program, in partnership with MAP Design Lab and lululemon Whitespace, is launching a virtual reality-based EmbodyMove session. The program is designed to travel together two players, allowing them to see their bodies as tools, and combines aspects of dance, yoga and aikido.

Participants use headsets and pressure sensitive mats, which allow them to move intuitively, not limited to hardware.


Dancing with AR from Google

Google Pixel, using pop culture and AR, created Playmoji, a dance playground that allows you to move along with an animated children’s gambino. To create an authentic experience, Google Pixel turned to celebrity choreography and lined up computer version moves.


Rain Dancing

Installation The rainwater harvesting reservoir from designer John Grade, located in Arte Sella Sculpture Park in the north of Italy, is used by dancer Andrea Rampazzo for staging a dance project lasting 45 minutes. The installation consists of five thousand transparent droplets, each of which is neatly attached to translucent nets supported by tree trunks. Four dancers manipulate the reservoir, forcing it to rise and fall depending on their movements.


Since we were lucky with the rains, the dancers were able to jerk sharply and pour water, — comments the implementation of the project, John Grade.



Photo moment dance

Photographer Rob Woodcox works with dancers to create incredible images of objects bent in different positions, as well as figures of human bodies floating in the air.


Origami in dance

Artists Melika Dez and Pauline Loktin created the project PLI.E, showing dancers around the world in paper suits, folded by hand. Paper creations range from those resembling traditional tutus to experimental forms.


Paper can be a fragile material for work, and that’s why we decided to make the impossible possible. Regardless of which element we encounter: rain, wind, we wanted to show that we are limitless, — Melik Dez commented on the project.


Dance is the way people express themselves when words are not enough. It is joy, determination, passion or peace. Dance is a culture.

Dance has been practiced from time immemorial in many forms and for many reasons, including social, educational, political and therapeutic.

Currently, the dance is experiencing a period of self-reflection, when the old models no longer work, and the new ones remain vacant for the prospect of becoming trendy. Generation Z combines dance and technology, making them close, understandable and, as a result, viral.