How to turn brand followers into avid promoters in social media

For the second consecutive year, Social@Ogilvy and SurveyMonkey team up to research the nature of a relatively new phenomenon in social media—brand advocates. For the latest study, they’ve surveyed more than 5,000 users from 11 countries to learn why they follow brands, share or retweet some branded content, share negative or positive experiences online, and become (or not) the brand promoters.

Applying the Net Promoter Score® exclusive methodology, the research team has identified how ‘mere sharers’ differ from ‘brand promoters’, what their motivation is and how brands can lure and encourage social media users to become promoters.

Here are some quick facts:

  • Sharers are less active users: while 52% of sharers follow brand on a regular basis, 66% of promoters do so.
  • 52% of promoters against 42% of sharers want brands to interact with them directly in social media.
  • 39% of promoters follow a brand to be closer associated with it, while just 28% of sharers are motivated in the same way.
  • 46% of promoters think that a brand reputation is important, while 36% of sharers agree with the statement.
  • 45% of promoters say they feel better after using a brand, only 35% of sharers agree.
  • Promoters evoke more social conversations: 59% of them see their network mention some brands and products, while 47% of sharers can say the same.
  • 35% of sharers would buy a product by a friend’s recommendation, while just 24% of sharers can do the same.

Globally, promoters share the same reasons to follow a brand and interact with it: 77% want to hear about news and offers, 53% want some direct feedback, and 52% want to interact with a brand directly. The study reveals that most of active brand promoters come from developing countries like Brazil (42%) and India (43%). The smallest percentage of brand social-media promoters is in Japan (1%). UK’s number is relatively low too at 15%.

Social@Ogilvy and SurveyMonkey give some advice on how brand can gain more promoters:

1. Engage precisely targeted audiences.

2. Create natural connection with the right audiences in the right time.

3. Create culturally relevant story-based content.

4. Shift focus from community management to user engagement.

5. Focus on «hard business metrics,» such as leads, sales, performance, loyalty.