Revlon Launches Colour Stay Long Wear Enamel Collection and Announces Its History Exhibition in London

As part of its 80th anniversary celebration, Revlon has launched the Colour Stay Long Wear Enamel collection.

Photo: Revlon Colorstay collection, from

The collection includes 28 shades and the enamels are very similar to a gel manicure. The company claims it lasts longer than any shade on the market. Revlon was the first company that started to produce red nail enamel in 1932, when the company launched.

Charles and Joseph Revson decided to make to ladies’ fingers more vibrant at times of the Great Depression when only pale and transparent nail styles were offered. They partnered with chemist Charles Lachman and in six years their small business turned into a multi-million dollar company, says Cityam.

The company will also present ‘Enamoured—80 Years of Revlon’ an exhibition dedicated the brand’s success story. key moments over the years. The exhibition will run from 30 November to 2 December at the London’s Film Museum.

Photo: Revlon FNO party, from Facebook, clickable

In September, Revlon celebrated the anniversary at the ‘glam’ party hosted by Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman during New York’s Fashion’s Night Out.